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Gateway Media on BBC 3...sort of


Here in the office we have discovered the best way to start the day is not with a bowl of cornflakes, but is in fact with an episode of the new BBC THREE series, Mongrels. Actually the cornflakes are probably a good idea, but should definitely be followed by this rabies-ridden hilarity-filled show. Set in the backyard of a London pub, the programme follows the promiscuous lives of five animals (or five puppets if we’re getting technical) as they go about their daily animal business, which mostly involves mating and planning their own deaths.

There is a reason we spent the first 28 minutes of the day watching foxes frothing at the mouth, in case you are curious. Our new Canary Wharf office features in the show.

We’re not entirely sure why these mangy creatures are based in Canary Wharf when the only pubs we can see around here are All Bar One-style bars full of important-looking business men. We thought foxes only existed in Hackney where they attack family members and steal people's shoes!


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